Add Search to your own website easily.....Requirements    Help

You will get two main parts. 
a)  admin section  (for you)
b)  search box      (for your website visitors, like the one below...)

In the admin section you have the ability to automatically index your website or you can copy and paste in specific webpages manually.  You can change the background color from the tan color below to any color you want, or no color white too...

This is an easy-to-install search engine for local and remote sites.  It returns fast, accurate results from a template-driven architecture.   The search are cgi-bin scripts and they are all sent by email in a zipped file.

If you host your website on, like I do, then this search will work without having to do anything much more than copy/FTP the search software you purchase to a new folder on your website hosted by (save 50% limited time offer).   I could also FTP it to the website for you for additional $$.


Try the search out now....

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