Online Employment Application System

Fully Automate your job/employment applications - put them online!

Start taking employment applications electronically and over the internet.  We can customize this entire application system for your company or you can take it as is.   You can install it on your own server as long as it runs MySQL database, or we can host it ourselves.     There are three (3) main parts:

1)  Job Applicant Starts here from home:

2)  Job Applicant finishes here inside your office OR they can do it all in your office: 

3)  HR department/Staffer Admin System:     Userid and password are both " admin".  

a) Exporting a file of the existing applications, for importing into Placemate
Two download options.  a)comma delimited   b)Excel simple report format
     b) Grade or Scoring all the tests (give a score or grade to all of the tests)
     c) Be able to view any/all of the application(s)
     d) Get the user id/password for each application to allow someone to finish something they started at home
     e) Sort all applications three ways:   a)last name   b)application date   c)ssn
     f) Search for specific applications two ways:   a)ssn   b)last name. 
SSN will bring up just one application, but last name can bring up multiple applications with the same last name allowing you to pick which one you really wanted.
     g) Allows you to CHANGE the skills and industries. You can add, change and delete skills for the application. This is a complete system in itself.

Purchase Options: 

  • As is $299

  • Customized will cost extra, contact me for details

Web hosting Options:

  • $35 a month if we host it which includes the MySQL database needed for this employment application system and also includes hosting your website and also 2 new email accounts.




php 4.3.8 and above
MySQL 4.0.24 and above
Linux server or Windows that runs MySQL and php