New construction of a house needs Fencing:
Calls / text:  Steve at 651-321-1801    email: steve @

Google Map: 210 Woodstork Way, Frostproof, FL 33843

VIDEO of the entire lot:

Fence Phase 1 --> 5' no climb fence: front of lot with gate and solar opener:
See red line
October/November 2021:   Fence In front, include 12' gate.  Will NOT start until driveway is installed AND signed contract
*   Far left side of the lot ( to ) far right side of my lot and also back a few feet.

I want the fence to CURVE around the front of my lot as much as each section of the fence can. 
Curve along the street is 84.58'
Straight along the street: left corner to right corner is: 74.85'

(wire fence in front)


Fence Phase 2 --> back and sides of lot: 
See green line  

December 2021 or into 2022:   Back and both sides.  WILL NOT start until after I move in and made decision where it should go.
*   After I move into the newly constructed house (expected October or November 2021), then I will decide where I want a fence around the back and sides of the yard.   Will be used for the privacy out the back door.
(6' tall PVC privacy fence) 


Types of fence Phase 1
(wire fence in front)

Types of fence Phase 2
(6' tall PVC privacy fence)

Front of lot  
Property Survey:
Phase 1 line in RED
Phase 2 line in green
12' Gate and opener

Gate Opener: Ghost Controls: *(or another brand if that other brand is better quality and longer lasting)
TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates Up to 20 Feet (ft.)

Video of solar charging gate opener:

Gate Opener suggested product:

Video of entire yard: