Got Rejected Hot Line

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What Is The Got Rejection Hotline?
What does the hotline say?

In a nutshell, the Got Rejection Hotline is a phone number you can give out if you just don't want to give out your real number. Callers hear our humorous Rejection Hotline recording and are not-so-subtly informed of your non-interest. But it's all in good fun and we hope those on the receiving end can look at it like Curt did: 

Why Does The Got Rejection Hotline Exist?

The dating scene is full of people who can't take a hint or can't take "no" for an answer (and many who apparently can't take showers, can't brush their teeth, or can't seem to go out in social settings without awkwardly embarrassing themselves).   (
206) 202-0619 

Anyway, the Got Rejection Hotline exists as a simple alternative to uncomfortable situations and it is a public service to both the rejector and to the rejectee.

The rejector has an easy way to get rid of unwanted suitors, to express a lack of interest in a non-confrontational manner, and to gracefully escape an uncomfortable situation.

The rejectee, on the other hand, is able to hear the bad news in the privacy of his/her own home without being subjected to public embarrassment and/or ridicule from anyone who otherwise might have witnessed a more public rejection. Further, there are no unanswered "what if's," no desperate assumptions of "I must have just mis-dialed," and no ambiguity - all of which are common by-products of the *randomly selected fake numbers which were more common before the advent of the Got Rejection Hotline.

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What does the hotline say?

Thank you for calling, unfortunately the person who gave you this number does not want to talk to you or speak to you ever again.

We would like to take this opportunity to officially reject you by this rejection hotline. 

By the way if you still do not understand why you were given this number in the first place keep listening after this message….

This rejection hotline is brought to you by home based business   also Live family friendly video and my favorite  which is LIVE adult video.  and also

Evidently you have not yet understood why this number was given to you.

The person who gave you this number does not want to talk to you, see you, be in your same local, touch you, smell you, receive email from  you, receive voice mail from you, received your IM’s, receive your prank phone calls, receive letters, they do not want you to send them pictures, buy them items of clothing, buy them gifts, come to their work place, breathe the same air as you, cry about them on the radio, cry about them on the TV, cry about them in your sleep, or talk about them in public, and all variations of the preceding mentioned items.

In short, you have been completely and thoroughly rejected.   Thank you and have a nice day.