I sent a hard copy of this letter to the White House in July 2022.   Fuck Joe BIden....

Dear Joe Biden, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

I had a brand-new house built in 2021 (it took more than a year to build it) but it was finished in 12/2021. During the construction I lived with my best friendís mother (Elaine). I donít think they even knew she had Dementia, but she does have Dementia and it has gotten a lot worse during the 15 months I lived there. I saw it first hand and how it progresses. I moved out December 2021.

With my experience of knowing what dementia looks like I can say for certain that Joe Biden has Dementia too. This is a fact; you canít dispute it.

You get lost walking to the White house on the sidewalk, the way you stand, having to built a fake oval office so you can have teleprompters hidden from view, you never take questions via a town hall without pre-scripted questions where you read the pre-scripted answers from your flash cards or a teleprompter.

The decisions made at the White House arenít your own, you are just a puppet because of your Dementia. It has gotten a lot worse in the last 15 months (the same length of time I lived with Elaine).

I ask you to retire.

You can say, if you choose to, that I am a general practice MD and I have researched you. FACT: I have lived with someone with Dementia for about 15 months and I saw it first hand, more than what any doctor can see with short office visits. More than a family member that lives in a different location can see. You have Dementia bad.


Please retire, you are ruining our country because it isnít you running the white-house (most believe either Obama or Clinton is still running it). We know you are ill, please retire. You are damaging our country.