I sent a hard copy of this letter to the White House in July 2022.   Fuck Joe Biden....

Dear Joe Biden, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Gas price when Trump took office: $2.199
Gas price when Biden took office:  $2.279
Gas price Summer of 2022:             $5.359

Gas has doubled under Biden.

Fuck Joe Biden.... (prices I paid each time I filled up)

We were energy independent under Trump, but the first month of a Biden White House, we are not energy independent anymore and you have to go to OPEC and even Russia begging for oil. All the decisions about oil and gas have been detrimental to America.

You know the stupid decisions you made, all to attempt to get people to drive less for your Green New Deal. But it is hurting people a lot. It is hurting Americanís a lot, especially low income and retirees.

The gas price was $1.79 a gallon under Trump at a low point, and now it spiked over $7.00 under Biden in some places, over $5.00 in many places and $3.65 in most places today.

Inflation is at an all-time high right now, the highest inflation in 40 years. It is caused by the stupid decisions Biden and the white house has made.

I was a young adult in the mid-1970ís (Air Force 1976 to 1982) and I remember gas prices and shortages in back then, but things are so much worse now.

We have had long lines with shortages in 2021. But the worse part is the prices have gone up, over $5.00 in some places.

Please retire, you have Dementia and you are ruining our country with your stupid decisions.