I sent a hard copy of this letter to the ATF in July 2022.   Fuck Joe Biden....

We support Trump and know that his 2021 presidency was stolen.


Operation Fast and Furious is when the ATF deliberately ďwalked gunsĒ into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  (Everyone involved should be charged with several felonies and if found guilty put in prison for life).   Those guns killed our border patrol officers and many Mexicans.  It is as if you pulled the trigger yourself because you sold the guns to the drug cartel.  If a regular American did that, they would be prosecuted, so why are you?


You do not make law, anymore than a uniformed police officer can make law.

Any law enforcement can decide if they want enforce laws, and how they do that.  It is up to their discretions (or their departments discretion).    Just like a supervisor at McDonalds can decide if and how they want to enforce their rules.  You can do the same.

But you can not make law.  Only congress can.  If something is legal on December 31st, you donít have the ability to make it illegal on January 1st (just a day later).   You do not have the right.

Our Constitution requires the legislature to make new laws, within a narrow, and clearly defined scope of power. It does not contemplate an unaccountable agency (ATF and FBI) of bureaucrats making up new rules as they see fit.

Who do you think you are to do that?    (answer:  criminals).


A police office doing traffic patrol cannot say that he or she has changed the speed limit on a roadway by themselves.  Even if the slower speed limit would make it safer on the roadway.  A police officer cannot change the speed limit (traffic law) any more than you can change the firearm law.

The ATF is an abusive and oppressive government agency that enforces unconstitutional, anti-gun regulations. It must be defunded and disbanded. And the laws and regulations that ATF enforces must be put to rest by Congress.

You do have a gun registry, when a dealer goes out of business and they donít transfer their business to an active FFL the records go to your storage where you are inputting the data into a database.  This is illegal.  You know have millions of records that you are not supposed to have.


Despite knowing full well American gun owners go to great lengths to follow your recommendations, the ATF Bureau has been known to change your mind without warning, subjecting millions of Americans to the threat of prison time and the loss of their civil rights, just for peaceably owning firearms and accessories.

PS:  I know you will investigate me and I donít care.  I donít break the law and you canít do anything to me because I follow the law to the letter. 

(I donít drink at all anymore for the past 5 years or so though I used to be a social drinker about 6 times a year (once every other month).   

I donít use drugs (legal or illegal) and I never have used any illegal drugs (I have never even smoked marijuana or regular cigarettes).  (I hate second hand smoke).  I havenít ever sold a gun either.     

I donít even speed in my car (actually I have a very small car with a small engine that doesnít feel right going 60 mph because of the high RPMs on it at 60mph or higher, so I go just under 60 even if the speed limit is faster). 


I ask that Biden retire because he has Dementia and he is are ruining our country with your stupid decisions.  

All of these statements are legal, protected by the 1st amendment.   All are true too.

ATF can't come onto my property without a warrant and they will never be able to get a warrant because I don't sell guns or anything gun related and I haven't bought anything other than a regular gun which was 10 years ago or so. 

Because I have "No Trespassing" signs ATF can not do a "Knock and Talk".   

Knock and Talk is when law enforcement comes onto your property and goes up the driveway, sidewalk and walks up to the front door to knock on the door and ask to talk.  Because I have "No Trespassing" signs they can not set foot onto my property without a warrant.  They can never get a warrant because I don't break the law.

And they can never go look in any windows not at the front door area - curtilage.