The following software were never installed, but given to our company by Microsoft in exchange for access to our video software. 

We will take any reasonable offer for the .NET training course.  
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Microsoft .net Developer Training
Large manual with CD and upgrade guide with [self-paced] Microsoft .net Training.

1)  .NET Developer career skills roadmap
Large 3-ring training notebook:
2)  VS.NET Training
3)  Module 1:  What is Microsoft.NET?
4)  Module 2:  Visual Studio .NET RAD for the Next Generation Web
5)  Module 3:  The .NET Languages
6)  Module 4:  Building ASP.NET Applications
7)  Module 5:  Using Data Access in .NET Application
8)  Module 6:  Object Oriented Concepts in .Net
9)  Module 7:  Creating Windows Applications
10)  Module 8:  Using XML in .NET
11)  Module 9:  Creating XML Web Services
12)  Module 10:  Code Instrumentation and Middle Tier Technologies
13)  Module 11:  Security in .NET
14)  Module 12:  Lifecycle Tools for .NET
15)  Module 13:  Configuring and Deploying .NET Applications
16)  Module 14:  Application Interoperability
17)  Module 15:  Migrating Application to .NET
18)  Module 16:  Building Application for Mobile Devices
19)  Appendix A:  Common Utilities
20)  Appendix B:  Common Datatypes
21)  Appendix C:  Third-Party Languages for .NET
22)  Appendix D:  Advanced Security in .NET
23)  .NET Glossary
24)  IDL Attributes


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