New construction of a house needs sodding:


     1:   Water has not been hooked up yet, but it should be in September 2021. 
     2:   Once the water is hooked up and the cement driveway apron is installed then the sod can be installed for phase: September 2021.

Google Map: 210 Woodstork Way, Frostproof, FL 33843
YouTube Video of every single phase of the construction.


September 2021:   Above the new septic system
*   Sod above a brand-new septic system that was recently installed. 
*   Approximate:  37' by 19'.  
Will wait until water is hooked up to house.

September 2021:   Both sides of cement apron at the street
*   Sod left/right side around cement apron.
*   Cement apron at the curb is 16 wide by 20 deep into the yard.   
*   Approximate:  3' wide by 20' measured from the curb towards the house.
*   ((( sod on both sides of the cement apron ))).  
*   14 wide gravel/crushed shell driveway. 
Will wait until water is hooked up and cement apron is installed in September 2021   
November/December 2021:   Front, back and sides
*   After I move into the newly constructed house expected October 2021, then I will decide where I want a fence around the yard.  Before the fence is installed, I will have that area sodded, then it will be fenced.   


Sod above Septic      
Sod on both sides of
cement driveway apron
(cement apron not yet installed).
Last mowing was 08/24/2021
shows the lot:

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