Change your website yourself software

If you can use Word, then you can make changes to the website yourself just as easy.

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Complete CMS Contact Management System AND Automatic Website Creator.

Buy Now  $99.99 to use as much as you want on one website.

You can also use this to create websites on the fly without any software or programming skills.  

If you know how to use Word, you can use this system


  • CMS Contact Management System

  • Share documents and pictures with others on the internet

  • Collaboration between different people and locations

  • Be able to update your or others website via the internet

  • Great if you design websites for others.

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You will have to be able to unzip the file I send you, upload/ftp those files to your website, and change file permissions.   It is real easy to change file permissions on Linux servers.   I am not sure how to do it on Windows servers though it can be done.    There is a Microsoft Word document with all the instructions of how to install and use the software.