Website development and hosting. 

5 page Complete Website $120
Complete 5 page website using one of our 36 templates.
Up to two email address.
Website development and webhosting for one year.
5 page website $120
  1. A new domain name that isn't already used.

  2. Two email addresses

  3. Website development using one of our 36 templates

  4. Webhosting for one year.

Pick a template!

$120 initially
$45 annual renewal*

*$45 for 1st three years
*$50 for 2nd three years

Accept online credit card payments to your new website.

Same way I do here:
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Custom work.
  • No monthly fees.

  • No credit card processor fees

  • Deposits into your PayPal account.

  • Accept any amount

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Custom work
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QUESTIONS:  Contact Me
Email: steve @ (remove spaces)

Phone: 651-321-1801 (Call 24/7/365) This is voicemail only.   Make sure you leave a detailed message, repeat your information twice.  It is easier to do emails especially I usually work during the night and I have the landline ringer turned off so as to not wake others here.

I initially only do email support - so you may send an email at any time. I will answer as soon as I am able to. However emails will be faster and easier for me to respond to you especially for the hours I like to work. Emails keep track of what is being said too.

After your order,
please let me know which template you want and also your URL/Website name (if you have one yet), if you do not have one I can help you get one. 

If you already own the domain name, I will need to have technical access to the URL/Website name in order to point that name to my server to host your website and I can help you do that too.

My companies website is (judgment collection and training).

But we can only do judgment collection work on that website.  

BARTER:  We collected his judgment, he hosts our webpage for this.  (We collected a judgment for him and we have a few years on his website in exchange for collecting his judgment).