Training  (personal one on one remote training)

I can train you in the following while you are at your own home or office computer*.   All you need is a telephone and pc with internet connection running Windows (sorry not MAC's).   I cut to the chase (meaning I get to the point of the software and what it can do or what you want it to do, not the fluffy stuff most classroom teachers teach in the beginning).   You will connect to my PC from your PC and you can follow along or even take control all from your own computer.

Expert in:  (you can mix one or more of any of the following)

1)  Microsoft Front Page training
2)  Outlook training
3)  Word training
4)  Excel training
5)  Access training
6)  Quicken training (great for landlord to keep track of rental properties and small businesses too)
7)  Search Engine Placement training (I can submit your website(s) too)
8)  Mortgage Loans (before you get a loan or for mortgage loan officers too)
9)  Internet Use
10) Search Engine Ranking to page one in
11) Trademark training.  I can help you get a US Trademark.

     $50 an hour

All training will be done from anytime between Saturday 8am to Sunday 3pm (central US time: GMT-6) or on major holidays and at the appointment time you will call 651-321-1801 while you are connected to the internet.