Need 5 trees removed as soon as possible:

5 tree removal, brush removed, stump ground.   Please provide your license and insurance information just incase.
In the estimate/contract, please write that you will keep off of the left side of the house when clearing trees 4 & 5 because it is the septic system (lighter dirt), and that you can go to the LEFT side of trees 4 & 5 - darker dirt and homeowner will be there too. 

Tree 5 broke halfway up, luckily it fell away from the house (to the left).  These 5 tree removals are just a precaution. 

Recent Video: 

Google Map:
   210 Woodstork Way, Frostproof, FL 33843

YouTube Video of every single phase of the construction.

5 Trees:   Click on "thumbnail" for larger picture.

Septic System
Do not drive
over it
Trees 1 & 2 Tree 3 Trees 4 & 5 Tree 4
extra picture
Tree 5
extra picture





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