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17,140,161 email addresses


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Make $150 payment to Steve Cook, Orlando, Florida US. 
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                b) senders name  
                c) date sent   
                d) amount   
                e) senders country and city

Fastest download payment method is WesternUnion and MoneyGram.

DOWNLOAD**:  Send me an email after your order.   [steve  @]  (remove spaces).   I will respond within one business day or less.   104.4 MB download.

You MUST provide a valid telephone number with your order or by email.
This can help prevent credit card fraud.

I don’t do computer training to help you download, unzip or send the emails. 

*There is no guarantee that 'all' the email address are still valid, but all were valid at one time. 
17+ million are fresh emails.   This is a great deal. 

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17,140,161 email addresses

 Keyword emails
 Africa 161,139
 Africa 137,573
 America 339,322
 au 362,199
 Belize 28,283
 ca 236,945
 Canada 121,497
 China 321,277
 Germany 251,079
 Indonesia 201,573
 Indonesia 27,840
 Kuwait 181,084
 Latvia 76,751
 Mexico 178,000
 Nepal 5,455
 Nicaragua 143,668
 Oman 41,555
 Qatar 81,175
 Saudi Arabia 3,091
 Spain 202,127
 UK 444,380
- -
 California  74,568
 Colorado  249,271
 Florida  87,480
 Illinois  210,353
 Massachusetts  133,997
 MN  155,293
 NY  103,155
 Pennsylvania  314,621
 WI  301,578
- - 223,512
 Bieber 114,702
 Blogs  16,341
 Book Editors 90
 Bookstore 328,395
 Bookstore  441,716
 Cancer 426,622
 Car 26,374
 Cats  14,929
 Com 311,204
 Comcast 311,271
 Computer 92,267
 Dogs  36,238
 Doll 13,419
 Email address 1,403,110
 Facebook 69,641
 Family 331,016
 Family friendly live video  113
 Football 1,162
 Football 175,786
 Football  487,599
 General 150,036 276,046
 GoDaddy 139,037
 Homeowners 158,429
 Hotmail 805,875
 Jesus 415,015
 Logitech  234,784
 Misc  341,231
 Mortgage 283,375
 muhammad 483,332
 muhammad 306,226
 obama 93,038
 online shoppers 36,714
 Org 289,634
 Parents 274,487
 President 183,442
 programmer 101,425
 remodel 46,137
 retirement 70,417
 sex  150,228
 Socialist 158,705
 Software 69,078
 Tablet 100,817
 Tablet  100,683
 Technical 84,335
 unknown keyword  25,001
 Video 46,825
 Webcams  43,194
 XXX  828,866
 Yahoo  413,559
 zoo 428,354
 Total emails 17,140,161

 click here for a .pdf of this list

If search engine is Google only it is marked.  If it isn't Google only then it is Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other large search engine including international ones.

***Keywords:  These are the keywords done in a search engine.   If keyword is a country or state it means that it is a keyword and does not mean that those in that group are from that country or US state.
-->  If a webpage had the keyword on it and that webpage also had an email address on it, I grabbed that email address from that webpage for that keyword. <--

Email addresses:  What I did was go to the different search engines with the keyword you see above, once I found the keyword from my search (like a google search on that keyword), I would then see if that webpage I am on has an email address on it.   

If the webpage has the keyword listed AND if the webpage has an email address on it, then I extract that email address.   Some pages have more than 1 email address on it, and I extract all on that webpage. 

The column called “created” in the list above is when I did the search.  Some were just created this month (March 2012), and on those I include the email address, source website and search engine used.


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Shipped on CD, by the post office Priority Mail with tracking number (shipping $free)
Download it all for a total of $150

  • Lists are .txt format (use Notepad to read them).  Downloaded files are zipped up containing .txt files and some are very large when they are unzipped.   One email address per line/row.  Does not contain street addresses.

  • The record layout:  email address, source website and search engine.


Download - if you pay by Western Union or MoneyGram a total of $150

**The Download is not an "instant" download.  This is because people (hackers) were digging through the website code in order to get the download for free, but I will send you the link as soon as I notice the order was placed, which can be within a few minutes or hours or the next business day at the latest.  Please send me an email after your order asking for it then I can reply to your email and you should get it quicker.  CHECK your bulk or spam folder for my email.   Download is nearly 81.3 megs.   You can also call me to let me know you placed an order.    ATMCash can take time to clear.   WesternUnion/MoneyGram the same day.

US orders - pay by the credit/debit card, echeck: use Buy Now link at the top (or) send check/money order or Western Union.  Shipped: US Post Office Priority Mail with tracking number. 
Use the Buy Now button above.    $free shipping

Outside the US - pay by Western Union or MoneyGram (see below).
Pay by Western Union or MoneyGram for download.   Shipping on CD: In order to calculate exact shipping charges please send me an email with your mailing/shipping address.  It will be shipped by US Priority Mail but the tracking number is only tracked until it leaves the US. 

Check (or) money order:  Use my  name/address on the contact button.  Only when the check or money order clears the bank I will then ship it to you

Western Union or MoneyGram:  Make $150 payment to Steve Cook, Davenport, FL, US.    After payment please send me: 
a) MTCN number   b) senders name   c) date sent    d) amount    e) senders country and city





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