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Add anything you want to this website yourself.

Or ask me and I can add it for you.  steve@allhomebased.com


Add your own webpage or link to this website or send it to me by email and I will add it.   Anything goes within reason.....

Steps to add new webpages:
You can create multiple pages, or even levels of pages by
* logging in
* navigate to the page you want to insert a new page beneath
* go to the bottom of the page
* type in a new word(s)
* highlight the new word(s)
* then click on one of these: H1, H2, H3 or H4.  Each of these H pages make the different pages or levels
* click save. 

To delete a page, select all and delete, then save.  

Do not forget to logout.

Questions, send me an email steve@allhomebased.com
Purchase this software contact me.    It automatically adds a search box at the top and index's your website.



For editing CMSimple files it is essential to USE ONLY editors, capable of detecting, opening and saving files as "utf-8 without BOM" (Byte Order Mark), like notepad++.

If this condition is not fulfilled, you will damage your CMSimple installation.

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