Golden Retriever found her forever home

Lacy is a 4 year old red haired golden retriever just found her forever home (my home) 01/07/12. 

She was a foster dog at first in my home but I fell in love with the little girl and am adopting her.  

Lacy is smart, really affectionate, likes to lay on the floor next to you, and if she can, she will rest her head on your lap or even cuddle with you on your bed.  

Food motivated which makes for quick learning.   She is smart as I have had her only for a short time as a foster and she is learning things quickly. 

She wants to be with people and loves visitors too.   Takes to people quickly.   

Funny things:  likes to find paper towels or Kleenex and rip them into dozens of pieces (yes she wants to raid your garbage can if left on the ground).    Counter surfs for food too but all I have to do is put food away into the cabinets.  (she seems to catch on to me saying "no" pretty easy as I believe she WANTS to make me happy and she is doing that.

She is caught up on her vaccines including rabies, been spayed, heartworm test and general physical exam and passed with flying colors.  She had a full day at the doggy spa Friday night 01/07/12 too which is the first day she came here.

She loves toys.  She loves her stuffed animals and wants to carry them around the house and she will carry them outside too.

She loves to pay catch and is truly a retriever as she will bring the toy back if your playing catch or even if you ask her.   She likes just about any dog food you have, but healthy ones like Blue are best.

She is good in the car, either sticks her head out the window or just lays on the back seat.  She loves to follow you around the house.  When she is real happy she wiggles her tail so much that her entire backend wiggles with it.   She absolutely loves ice cubes and is so very noisy when eating them (which is so funny to hear the LOUD crunching of the ice cube).  She likes skinny ice cubes from an ice cube maker better than square ones from an ice cube tray (easier to chew).

She is energetic, playful and will LOVE me forever.   

In the past she lived with other dogs and got along with them ok, but she wasn't happy, but in my home she is the only dog and you can tell she is very happy.  

See her own live webcam broadcast on weekdays at > then go to: view live cams > once your logged in: search term "dog".  (that is a webcam with pan, tilt, rotate, zoom and autofocus in the background).

UPDATE: 02/01/12:  
She is so very well behaved she doesn't counter surf or get into the garbage anymore.  She just needed a loving home and patience teaching her how to be a dog AND a family member.   SHE is so very happy.  (me too).

     It's my ball, not yours.

    Do I look guilty or what?

      Video of Lacy YouTube


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