(emergency foster from Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida

Cliffy Miller


I fostered him on 06/05/2018 until he was adopted on 09/25/2018

Loves to go for walks, but loves playing catch with a tennis ball a LOT.
Loves to play tug-of-war with his large knotted rope.
(you might need a new large one because his current one is getting frayed).

You can use a regular tennis ball, but I suggest one that is dog friendly including ones
that have a squeaker built into it. I would bounce it against my garage door and play
keep away from him a bit where on every 3rd or 4th throw he catches it.
He wiggles his tail so fast playing catch and he brings it back and drops it
(be careful he drops it anywhere and it can roll underneath things OR
roll down your driveway into the street.)
Right most picture Cliffy Miller's forever home story.


Last weigh-in at the Vet Clinic/Hospital Cliffy was 89 pounds.
I think 90 pounds is the most he should weight, but that is a question for the Doctor.

Last food I bought for him was the following, but he will eat anything,
but the healthy food is better for him than cheap store bought food. |
It is more expensive, but Cliffy is well worth it.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

If he gets a little overweight use:
Blue Wilderness Grain Free Health Weight Adult Dog food


He will counter surf in the kitchen and try to sneak food away from the counter
with or without you there.
Keep food away from the edge because he can reach the counter since he is so tall.

I fed him twice a day. He eats very fast.
He eats like he is eating for the first time in a week (very fast)
but I feed him twice a day, not counting the treats.

You might have to change the feeding pattern if you normally leave food out for your other pets
(dog or cat). Do NOT leave food around for your other pets out at any time, Cliffy will eat it.

Put Cliffy in another room while feeding your other pets otherwise Cliffy will try to eat
the other dogs or cats food. He LOVES food.
Keep him no more than 90 pounds, maybe even a little less like 85 pounds? Ask the vet.


Riding in the car:
He loves riding in the car. I let him into the car using the back door where
he immediately goes to the front passenger seat.
He knows the words “go into the back” where he climbs into the back seat.
But he will then go back into the front. Be patient. He is worth it.

I take him for a ride around the neighborhood without going on a major rode.
I open all 4 windows where he can sniff the air and listen to the sounds.
This calms him down where he seems to want to stay in the back seat.


Scared of the vet. Partial Solution:
After the vet clinic/hospital you choose closes, take him to the outside of the vet building
3 to 5 times (whether you are walking distance away OR you drive).
Walk him around the building stopping by the front door each time. This will get him used to the smells and sight of the building.

Next: arrange to have a treat in the hands of a vet tech and have that vet tech go to the doorway.
Meet Cliffy and each time get a treat. Try that 3-5 times. Then do it a couple times
inside the building. Eventually he will get used to the smells/sight/sounds of that clinic/hospital.

He does not like being examined by a stranger at all.
Please let Cliffy visit with the doctor 3-5 times (like your visit to the clinic when it is closed).
Once Cliffy visits the doctor at the vet a couple times without the stress, then Cliffy might
be able to be examined without being stressed.

In the past: he was so scared of the whole NEW building and people that he was muzzled
during the entire exam.

He does NOT like his feet touched at all. This is a stress point.


He does NOT like the noise of the vacuum or lawn mower.
He does not appear scared, but just wants to leave the area (maybe the loud noise).


He loves to be near you whether you are in the living room watching TV, bedroom on the bed,
in the office on your computer. He is smart and can learn fast, be patient.
Pet him a lot, he loves it. Talk to him, he loves it.
Play with him (tennis ball or his rope or….), he loves it.

My experience raising dogs: Do not yell at a dog.
If he sneaks food when he shouldn’t (counter surfing), please don’t yell or get mad.
If you don’t catch him in the act, do not try to council him afterwards,
dogs don’t know what you are mad at if not caught in the act at the very moment.
They will not know that you might be upset if it is as little as 30 seconds later.

Can you send me an update the next morning? How about a day later? And a week later?
PS: If you get into a time when you need to go on a trip without taking Cliffy, please let me know.
I would be happy to have him stay for a few days or week or so.
If you have a 2nd dog and if the dogs are buddies, I could possibly do both dogs.
Of course, no charge, just a chance to see Cliffy again. Just bring the dog food.

He knows these words:

Bone (not a real bone, but a long lasting treat/chew).
Go for a walk
Down (he counter surfs when you are getting his bone or treat or even if you are preparing a meal).

Kong: He loves it when I fill the kong up with his dry dinner.
He will spend time getting out every single piece.
Tennis balls. He loves to play catch.
I even bounce it against my large garage door on the driveway.
Or toss it around the yard or park.
He will usually bring it back to you, sometimes he gets distracted and drops it before he gets back to you.

Love him, he is so sweet.

Medical Summary: Sand Lake Animal Clinic. 407-876-4461
On Tuesday 06/12/2018 Cliffy Miller saw Dr. Rivera
Prescribed 10 days of Apoquel tabs 16mg 1.5 tabs a day (I have 1 days left). This is for skin irritation.
((resolved in June, no more issues))
Prescribed 7 days of Cefpodoxime tabs 200mg 1.5 tabs a day (finished 06/19/2018). This is an antibiotic.
((resolved in June, no more issues))

On Tuesday 06/19/2018 Cliffy Miller saw Dr. Spurgeon:
Prescribed 8 pills of Acepromazine tab 25mg for anxiety, give 1 to 1.5 hours before leaving
for the appointment (as needed before next vet appointment).
He said to give him one when I have a couple days off where I can see how he reacts.
To determine if it is too much or even not enough. He gave me what to look for.
On Tuesday 06/19/2018 Dr. Spurgeon said Cliff's skin issue has been cleared up.
No more new prescriptions for him.
Cliffy doesn't lick or bite at the areas that he had skin irritations either.
Dr. Spurgeon appears to take more time than the other Vet.
I recommend him next vet visit if you go to this clinic.

Rating him: 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent):
At Home inside:
(can kitchen counter surf so keep things up inside upper cabinets, out of his reach)


Going for walks:

Car rides:
7 (not anxious), but instead very excited. Loves it when the side windows are rolled down.
I only do that when I am cruising around the local neighborhood (getting him used to car rides),
going no more than 20mph.
(( do not leave your windows down when driving on a regular road going fast,
something could fly up and hit your dog since they love to put their head outside the window).

Just today, the 4th of July we went for a ride in the neighborhood (just around the few blocks
in the area, no more than 15 mph) and lots of people were out, some on the side of the road
near Cliffy’s large head hanging out the back window of the car.
He was not tense, aggressive, or even cared about the people as we drove by, he just loved
watching things as we drive around. Loves car rides a LOT!!! When we went to the vet
we drove with all windows up, because I never let the dogs head hang out the windows
going more than the local neighborhood because anything can fly up and strike him
otherwise (please pass this along to others…)

Vet waiting area:
6 (anxious but not aggressive)

Vet during the exam:
3 (trying to pull away a lot and they choose to muzzle him both vet appointments to be safe).


I encourage that when someone is cuddling with him on the bed or floor to occasionally
touch his paws, legs, and ears a bit. Doing it a tiny bit more each week.
This will start getting Cliffy used to being touched in those areas and not associate that with the yucky medical exams.

Dr. Spurgeon took more time talking to me about Cliffy being anxious than Dr. Rivera.
Any future appointments at this clinic I will request Dr. Spurgeon.

Even though I personally haven't ever seen a dog pull away like Cliffy did,
Dr. Spurgeon and also the two vet techs said they have seen a lot worse.
Cliffy didn't attempt to bite or growl but he pulled away, though he was muzzled.
I believe if someone took him to their local vet weekly, just to say hello,
and no exam several times, then he would start to NOT associate that building and people
with yucky medical exams.