Save a password on a website to automatically login the next time

Force a username and password to be remembered on a website even though
the website login page says it won't allow passwords to be saved:

You can get around most of these by using a javascriptlet to remove this option from
forms before clicking on the button that submits the form.

Copy the below javascriptlet and bookmark it
a) copy the 'java script' text below (select/highlight the text> copy)
b) close your browser
c) open your browser
d) create a new bookmark to anysite (such as
e) now edit that book mark as seen on the screen shot image below (right click the book mark, select edit)
f) put anything you want in the name> then in the URL field please go ahead and paste in what you copied
g) save your updated bookmark
h) now go to the website that you want your username and password saved to
i) now click your new bookmark
j) a tiny popup window comes up (see second screen shot image below)
k) click OK
l) sign into your website (type carefully since any mistake will make your auto sign in worthless)
m) now it will ask you to remember your username and password

This works for some websites but not all. I found that a simple website login works well
but one that you need to select additional information in a dropdown in addition
to your username and password won't work.

Below is the 'java script' text to copy as shown in step a)
[make sure you just copy the text below]:

javascript:(function(){var ca,cea,cs,df,dfe,i,j,x,y;function n(i,what){return i+" "+what+((i==1)?"":"s")}ca=cea=cs=0;df=document.forms;for(i=0;i<df.length;++i){x=df[i];dfe=x.elements;if(x.onsubmit){x.onsubmit="";++cs;}if(x.attributes["autocomplete"]){x.attributes["autocomplete"].value="on";++ca;}for(j=0;j<dfe.length;++j){y=dfe[j];if(y.attributes["autocomplete"]){y.attributes["autocomplete"].value="on";++cea;}}}alert("Removed autocomplete=off from "+n(ca,"form")+" and from "+n(cea,"form element")+", and removed onsubmit from "+n(cs,"form")+". After you type your password and submit the form, the browser will offer to remember your password.")})();