Credit Score Secrets*  from an ex-credit score company employee

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Information about your credit score from an ex-FairIsaac credit score company employee (FairIsaac, who creates your FICO score).

Includes 25 reasons for low credit scores, how a score is actually created, when does the score go down and when does it not go down when applying for loans and credit?   Bankruptcy information and much, much more....                  38 pages....

Table of contents

This is an Adobe Reader document with LIVE clickable links in it, including the fully clickable table-of-contents.


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* These are not inside secrets while I worked at FICO company, but information that is not well known and I wanted to share it with you.  The information is public information, but not widely known.    I have been a FICO full time employee for years, but I have been a landlord for dozens of years, also a part time real estate agent and also a full time mortgage loan officer.   Plus a judgment collector.   All of these positions have helped me learn.   Copyright 2016