Mortgage Loan secrets from an ex-mortgage-loan-officer-employee

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Secrets about your mortgage loan from an ex-mortgage-loan-officer.  Things banks and mortgage companies do not want me to tell you.     Can be worth Thousands per year.

There are many ways to get ripped off by a mortgage loan officer that are totally legal, but unethical. 
I worked for one such company, but most do loans the same way.    Higher commission for the loan officer = higher payments for you, and you wouldn't even know it.  Included in the e-book are links to wholesale mortgage rates including sign in to private banks websites to get these wholesale rates.

This can save you as much money as much as it has saved other people, which was a couple hundred dollars each with their new mortgage payment after getting a new mortgage using these secrets.

My Experience:  I have been:
a) licensed real estate agent
b) rental property landlord
c) mortgage loan officer
d) credit score company employee too.  

53 pages total including bonus below.

BONUS)  In the same .pdf document you will also get the Credit Score Secrets from an Ex-FICO score company employee that normally sells for $9.99 by itself.   (for more information click here)


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