500+ Professional Websites Templates on CD

Total Retail Value $1,140.00, on sale for only $99.99

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  Website Developers:  Charge more for premium template, less for HTML templates.
  You will get a CD rom mailed to you US Post Office Priority Mail on US orders.

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  500+ website templates on CD, on sale for only $99.99 

   52 Premium PSD Website Templates  - Retail Value $1,040 ($20 each x 52)  (samples)
    Compatible with Photoshop, Image Ready, Fireworks, Paintshop Pro and many other
       image editing programs
    Layered PSD files for easy editing and customization
    Splicing guidelines for simple HTML output
    Compatible with Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver and many other Html
       editing programs
    Complete Html files with graphics for easy editing and customization
    Compatible with all Html editors
    Easy to edit & customize
    Attractive graphics and font
    Compatible with most editors
    Send on CD
    Save your money, by not paying a vendor
    Make money, by creating websites for business
    Save hundreds of hours of design time
    Simply your web design needs
    Build an corporate identity
   Mailed on CD by USPS.com Priority Mail
! - Total Retail Value $1,140.00
    No restrictions, build as many sites as you wish and charge as much as you want to build them.

    $99.99    Change the text to anything you want, use Photoshop/FrontPage etc.

12 premium template samples above.  You get an additional 36 premium templates (52 total premium templates) AND also get 450+ regular html templates.

     500+ website templates on CD, on sale for only $99.99