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Are you a mortgage loan officer (loan originator)?   There is a millionaire loan officer* that generated Fees (YSP and Loan Origination points) of anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 in fees a single month, and he does this month after month after month when I worked with him in my office.  He did a training class for the rest of us.   Want to buy his telephone script from the training class?   He put together an easy to follow mortgage script to use on telephone calls.    He used this script to make his initial and follow up calls to prospects.   

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This script is great for new or relatively new mortgage loan officers, or even experienced loan officers that want to get some ideas on how to make calls.  There are parts in the mortgage script for follow up calls (after the initial one was made) and there are parts that can be used for the initial call too.  You can modify it.

FREE BONUS)  You will also get the Credit Score Secrets from an Ex-FICO score company employee that sells for $9.99 itself. 
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I (Steve Cook, the webmaster) added Credit Score Secrets to this mortgage script document. 

(For well over 6 years I worked for FairIsaac.   FairIsaac is the company that creates the FICO score used by the credit bureaus).   

Get both "Mortgage Scripts" & "Credit Score Secrets" in one 54 page Adobe .pdf for $20.00.   Sent as an email attachment after payment.

NOTE:  There are a few words in the mortgage script that are for follow up calls and some are for initial calls.  You can edit it and create one specifically for you, your name, your company name and also the type of call your making.

  $20.00   Both Mortgage Scripts and Credit Score Secrets - Refund policy**

*He worked at the same mortgage company in Shoreview, MN the same time I was there.

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