Most of these just require you to copy and paste code

(you must be able to copy and paste the software from me into your website such as with FrontPage, HTML, or even NotePad).   Might not work with free website services such as Tripod.

How is the software/code sent?Price ListRefund Policy

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Free   bonus #1:  Cursor code (changes the cursor colors)....
bonus #2:  Mouse Over code

bonus #3:  Current Date/Time for your website
Free   bonus #4:  See the Icon on the URL in your browser?

Free   bonus #5:  Insert our NannyCam Live Cams Video Viewer into your own website

Financial Software for Home and also Businesses
1) Family Legal Guide   2) Estate Planner   3) Family Lawyer   4) Plain Language Law Dictionary
Forms, Wills, Rentals, Marriage, Medical, real estate, power of attorney, living will, employee, employer, alimony, bill of sale, credit reports, marriage, divorce, promissory note, social security, stop payment and many more...

Brand New:  Flash Generating Software

Mouse Over Pop Up Code  Way Cool... ($29.99)

Add Search to your own site


Custom and Template based (simple and also low priced websites)

500+ Premium and General website templates ($99.99)

Submit your website to search engines service  ($39.95)

Search Engine Magic 
Get a high rank in Google/Yahoo etc... search engines  ($195)

Lowest prices around and also low priced Dedicated servers

Get A website name:
Pick and Reserve your own website name now

Change your website yourself software  ($99.99)

Set and Check Cookie
sets cookie on 1st web-page, and 2nd webpages checks if cookie was set ($20)
Pop-Up ad 
only pop up the ad on the 1st visit each day, week or month  ($9.99)
Redirect with Countdown 
Redirects the current webpage to another one in x seconds  ($5)

Rotating: Banner code  or  Rotating: Image code  ($5 each)

code #1 
Supports multiple users, multiple passwords, multiple destination pages  ($19.99)

code #2
Very simple way to help protect access to web pages  ($9.99)

code #3 
THE BEST:  Similar to what the banks use. 

Jump Page / Redirect code  ($5)  
Send-To-A-Friend code  ($29.95)
CMS Contact Management System 
Share Word like documents online  ($99)

Automatic Website Creator ($99)

New and Fancy navigation script  Includes both versions ($49)

Time Visited webpage code   ($9.99)

Bulk Email Software: (99.95) Professional Grade

Bulk Email addresses - 7 million+ email addresses:  (99.95)

Live Video
Add Family friendly Live Video viewer to your website to drive traffic to it  ($19.99)

GAMES - insert these games into your own website

Pong  Nostalgic  ($10 for one, $17 for both)

Tetris  ($10 for one, $17 for both)


Cursor Code
Fun Cursor movement code  ($5)

US Zip Codes, City, County & Longitude, Latitude

70,453 total records.   All zip codes, with their city, county, longitude and latitude etc... 
$30 for entire list click here


De Duplication of files service (DeDupe)  
(prices vary depending on number of records de-dup'd)


Online - Calendars
Web-based calendars
Two versions  ($75, $300+)


Scrolling Text 
With multiple links and multiple fonts and text  ($5)

Employment Application System   ($299)

Save a password on a website to automatically login the next time.
Force a username and password to be remembered on a website even though
the website login page says it won't allow passwords to be saved:

Webpage Encryptor
Encrypts webpages so no one can steal your code  ($19.99)

Training ($50 an hour)

Custom Programming  Low Prices - Great Service (varies prices)

File Conversion Services - many files only $5

Steve's other business...

Microsoft .net Developer Training




FREE BONUS:   The Cursor is red/white/blue (if you are using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or above)

Bonus Description:  Starting in IE6, for the first time ever, you can specify your own image for the browser to use as the cursor! The image will replace the default "arrow" one. Properly done, a custom cursor can bring furthered consistency to your site's design.

Note that the image must be of the type .cur or .ani

Demo: If you're using IE6+, you should see a custom cursor in place of the default arrow right now

Do you like the colored mouse?   To add this to any webpage following 3 steps:
1)  Download the cursor (or use anyone of your own) download cursor now
2)  Put the cursor image in the same directory as your webpage.
3)  Add the following to any webpage Head Section: 

ALSO FREE - Click here to see this free mouseover






Refund Policy  top

Before you receive the software from me, I can issue a complete refund via PayPal.  
After you receive the software from me, there are not any refunds at all.  

All software works as you can see on this website, and if you have problems with it, you can ask for help from me or anyone else.   Once you receive the software, and if I allowed refunds, you would be able to get your money back and still be able to use the software (meaning you would get the software for free).  This would not be fair to me.

Most of these just require you to copy and paste code (you must be able to copy and paste the software from me into your website such as with FrontPage, HTML, or even NotePad).  

Might not work with free website services such as Tripod.


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