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Benghazi attack:  weeks before the attach the embassy asked for more security and at the time of the actual attack they pleaded for help from the military and the CIA. Both times Obama and Hillary Clinton turned down the requests leading to the deaths of 4 Americans.

IRS and the Tea Party:  Obama met with the head of the IRS hundreds of times and Obama ordered the investigation of Tea Party (and other conservative) non-profit group applications delaying their implementation just before the 2012 election. This could have stolen the presidential and senate elections from the Republications.  Obama met with the head of the IRS hundreds of times in just his first 3 years, and this was more than any other 2 presidents combined in their 16 years combined.

GUNS:  When Obama was a Illinois senator he said he wanted to ban guns from citizens and also off duty police officers.   He wanted to only have on duty law enforcement to have guns.  This view point showed up on the bills he introduced and also voted for. 

Fast and the Furious:   Obama ordered guns to be sold illegally by dealers in the US/Mexico border states.  Those guns killed two American Law Enforcement officers and hundreds of Mexican civilians.

Food Stamps:  Obama has added more people to food stamps than any 4 presidents combined.  Obama wants people dependent on the government so that those same people vote democratic in future elections.

Obama is racist:  He belonged to a racist hate church via Jeremiah Wright who was a senior pastor of the racist hate group called Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.  Obama appointed a US Supreme court judge that said "hispanic woman will make better decisions than a white man".  This is so extremely racist and also sexist.  This is who Obama likes.

Federal Deficit is going up faster with Obama than any time in US history:  The problem is that Obama has only greatly accelerated everything Bush did wrong, and reversed everything Bush did right. So Obama’s spending has skyrocketed the federal budget by nearly one-fourth as a percent of GDP in just one term.

In a nationally televised 2013 speech Obama said Deficit is going down. That is a (&@(*@ lie. The deficit is just not going up as fast as it was in 2012 but it is still going up faster than any time in US history.

Government money is normally a waste because all government money comes from the tax payer but private business money does not come from the tax payer and its money goes into the economy to help it.

Birth certificate is a forgery: There is a problem with President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate:   It’s a forgery, say multiple forensic experts who have examined it. A report detailing the evidence will soon be presented to Congress.   Obama only provided a computer generated birth registration and he never provided a birth certificate.  The birth registration is fake, check out all the issues with it as investigated by a  (click here).  .


Everywhere you look, the writing is on the wall – that the next three years will be the most dangerous days of our lifetimes, not just for the Second Amendment but also for the First Amendment and for freedom itself.

Obama wanted to ban Fox News from the white house press briefing because Fox News said some things Obama himself personally didn’t like.   That is their first major attempt to take away our First Amendment rights.

Look around you, and decide for yourself whether you’ve ever seen anything in American history like the threats we face right now.

I’m talking about the Obama administration asking potential executive branch appointees whether or not they own firearms and also if any of their family members own firearms even if those family members do not live together.  This is anti-gun blackmail (you have to say NO or you won’t get the job) and it is anti-Second Amendment McCarthyism never before seen in American politics.

I’m talking about Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano issuing a tax payer paid report to 850,000 law enforcement officials across the nation – alleging that all gun owners may pose a terrorist threat to our country.

I’m talking about BATFE agents making unannounced visits to homes of gun owners including NRA members, questioning them about their firearms purchases, and asking for the serial numbers on their guns – with NO warrant and NO indication that any crime has been committed.  (I would not only not let them in, but I would lawfully order them off of my property as they have no legal right to be on your property if you tell them to get the f*&^ off it.

I’m talking about legislation in Congress that would allow President Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama to take control of the INTERNET in a time of emergency.  A president who asks citizens to report their friends and neighbors for “fishy” e-mails and also legislation now pending in Congress that would allow the Attorney General to put your name on a secret list and ban you from ever purchasing a firearm again.  

There’s more….

President Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama’s legal advisor to the State Department, Harold Koh, has now gone on record in support of the U.N. control over American firearms laws and the removal of the 2nd amendment rights from all US citizens except law enforcement which goes against the supreme court ruling.

Meanwhile, Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama is pushing for the U.S. Senate to ratify the “CIFTA” treating – allowing banning of all guns by the federal government to achieve effective control of firearms and ammunition, including a ban on reloading.

One of Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama’s top regulatory advisors has made it clear in writing that hunting should be banned.     Obama’s Secretary of Education says that America’s proud traditions of hunting and firearms ownership (I quote): “make no sense.”

His “Diversity Chief at the FCC, Mark Lloyd, wants to slap a $100 million fine on all radio stations that carry pro-Second Amendment talk radio hosts like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh – and give that money to liberal government-sponsored Pro Obama radio stations.

The Brady Campaign has pronounced NRA as a “hate group” – because we believe in the constitution and also the same liberties ad George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine and James Madison.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has told CBS’s 60 Minutes that she’ll pick the time and place to launch a Congressional effort to enact the biggest ban on firearms and ammunition in American history.

Look at Mexico:  Remember if you take away guns from law abiding citizens you get anarchy.   South of the US is Mexico.  All Mexican citizens are unable to legally buy guns.  Look at what’s happening – drug gangs and corrupt police have guns and kill thousands of people every month – some honest citizens speak out and are executed by the police.

Look at Hitler.  Years ago the Jews couldn’t own a gun and couldn’t defend themselves and look at what happened.  Look at the Jews today in Israel, they own guns and are able to protect themselves.  

Look at the racist Green Czar Van Jones:  Remember Van Jones was hand picked by Obama to be a Green Czar:  Van Jones was video taped in 2009 saying “I Hate White People”.   “White’s bring the drugs into our neighborhoods”.    Van Jones is a terrorist and communist and also a drug dealer most recently in 2009.

Barack Hussein Obama is racist.  He wants reparations for slavery.    I wasn't around then and it must have been terrible, but if it wasn't for slavery, there wouldn't be nearly as many black people in this country now, which would mean he would not have been senator and especially president. 

BUT I don't hate everything this guy does.  I am with him on several other issues including some of the environmental ones.  There is one where they are blocking loggers from clearing a forest on federal land, the reason was either/both environment impact or impact on animals.  

I agree that a few dollars are lost and maybe some temp. logger jobs will be lost, but you can always make more money much faster than re-growing decade old forests.   The forests are decades old and people want to clear them to make a quick buck.  That is wrong in every sense. 

Plus I support increased mileage per gallon of gas for all cars and trucks.  Actually I wish Obama would be tougher on the MPG for cars ever since I saw (late 2009) news story where some college students took a Toyota Prius Hybrid car and increased the MPG to 200/100 MPG.  If these students can do it, then automakers in the US and Japan can do it.   These students were able to do it by removing much of the trunk and adding more batteries etc to the Toyota Prius.