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6 questions about blacks and whites

Question 1)
Where are the worse places to live in the world?


The countries where blacks are the main population, blacks control the government, blacks run the military are the worse places to live in the world.   Whites do not have anything to do with the problems in these countries, but these places are the worst places to live.

What do these countries have in common?  Starving, Killing, Corruption, mass disease.
These countries are always asking for help, but they never help other countries even though we needed the help after massive hurricanes, flooding, forest fires, mudslides and earthquakes.  The people in these countries can not even build homes with running water, sanitation, electricity or any normal conveniences.   (( Don't blame the deserts that some are in because we in the US can build a thriving city in a desert via Las Vegas, then why can't they? ))


Question 2)
Where are the worse places to live in the United States?

Washington DC
South-side of Chicago

What do these places have in common?  Crime, murders, drugs.
These are places where blacks are the main population, blacks control most of the local government. 

The United States has a total resident population of 308,878,000. .....
Blacks are
12.4% and Whites (European Americans) make up about 66% of the population.  But Blacks commit overwhelmingly the majority of the violent crimes in America compared to whites based upon the percentage of the population. 

Blacks commit nearly 51% of murders, whites under 46% which is still a lot, but if blacks are only 12.4% of the population but commit over half the murders and that is scary.

Blacks commit over 56% of robberies, whites over 42% which is a lot, but if blacks are only 12.4% of the population but commit over half the robberies and that is scary.

So the summary is, where ever there are blacks in the majority of the population, and control their local government, they have the most problems, it's sad, but it's a fact, one that we all wish would change.

When whites are in the same situation, where whites are in the majority of the population, and control their local government, they have nice homes, low crime, sometimes even gated communities.   These are the nice places to live. 



Question 3)
Are blacks inferior?

No, not at all but they seem to have the most problems of all races in the entire world.

Blacks have had affirmative action for years in the US, but they commit most of the crimes, why?  

The biggest employer is the government (Federal, Post Office, state, county, city) and the blacks get extra points on examinations just because they are black.  I took a test in LA and I got a 90% overall, pretty respectable, but blacks were given 5 extra points.  So a black with 86% plus 5 = 91% and that's higher than my 90%.  I didn't get the job because of that.  I was told that blacks with lower scores were given points and that made their final score higher than mine.     So I would answer ?.


Question 4)
Is it safer for a black to walk in a white neighborhood OR a white to walk in a black neighborhood?   

Opinion: Blacks won't get hassled in my mostly white neighborhood, but if a white man walked in a mostly black neighborhood, there is a higher change to get hassled, robbed or worse etc...   That is a fact.


Question 4)
Where is it more dangerous for a woman (white or black) to walk, in a white neighborhood OR black neighborhood?   

In a black neighborhood.  That's a fact.


Question 5)
Who is more racist, blacks or whites?   

have so many things for them that are for blacks only, no whites need to apply.  

Blacks have NAACP, BET cable, United Negro College fund, Institute on black chemical abuse, black congressional caucus, black lawyers association, black only college and hundreds more.  

If I a white man or woman wanted to start WET cable (white entertainment), the media would label them a racist, and they probably couldn't get WET channel added to cable TV or satellite TV companies line-ups.



Question 6)
Why say African American, Asian American, Native American, Mexican American and then White and not say European American?  
I say it's racist not to say European America if you say all these others: African American, Asian American, Native American, Mexican American




Just a side note:  Being Al-Qaeda today is just about as bad as being a communist in the late 1950's and early 1960's.   Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a card carrying Communist?   There are photos of him attending communist meetings.  He also incited riots and was a convicted criminal and a felon.

If someone is Al-Qaeda today wouldn't we want to arrest them?   SO why in the world does both the black and white press (and also most people) think Martin Luther King Jr. was a good guy?  He was a convicted felon, a thief, a burglar, a communist.  I resent people naming streets after him and praising him.  What do you think of naming a street after Osama Bin Lauden?



Author: Confidential