Defensive Shooting Guidelines
for the Responsibly Armed Citizen

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Call 911 - start recording video
"I was afraid for my life, and I was forced to defend myself. 
Please send an ambulance right away."

When police arrive:   continue recording video
1:  He (she) attacked me.
2:  I'll sign a complaint.
3:  There's the evidence. (point it out)
4:  There's the witness(s).  (point them out)
5:  I need to talk to my lawyer; I do not consent to any search.

Tell the police:

"If I have given this to you, it has been necessary to take actions to defend innocent life (or defend my life).   I am willing to sign a criminal complaint against the perpetrator(s).

I will point out witnesses and evidence.  As you may have experienced yourself, this is a stressful and traumatic experience for me.  

Therefore, I wish to make no further statements until I have contacted an attorney and composed myself.

I also do not consent to any searches.   I will cooperate fully once I have consulted with an attorney and calmed down. 

As a lawfully armed citizen, I ask for the same courtesy that you would show a fellow officer who was involved in a similar situation.

Thank you for understanding.   


(This all became much more necessary because of the racist and violent BLM and Antifa that are backed by Biden and the Democraps who are making things so much worse by: Defunding the police, no bail/bond needed, catch and release, no prosecutions of rioters and looters).