I was dispatching bus drivers at Walt Disney World (WDW) when this happened...

I retired in 2013 as a software engineer.  I moved to Orlando and became a WDW bus driver, then a trainer and also a dispatcher as a retirement job.

Here is a true store that I had with a new bus driver on the radio late one night... 

Parks were just closed and the drivers were bringing the final guests back to their hotels/resorts.

A bus driver called on the radio that he was lost.   My job is to try to ask questions to help figure out where the driver was and help them get on their way.

My first question (dispatcher):  Do you know the name of the street you are on?

Bus driver:   “No”

My second question (dispatcher):  Do you know the name of a street you recently passed?

Bus driver:   “No”

My third question (dispatcher):  Do you know of any businesses, hotels you might have passed recently?

Bus driver:   “No”

Now I am getting worried that I can’t help that bus driver.  So I thought of one more question to ask.

My fourth question (dispatcher):  Do you see any street signs nearby?

Bus driver:   “Yes”

I thought, great, now we are getting somewhere.

My final question (dispatcher):  What does the street sign say?

Bus driver:   “Stop”.