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Reasons why Barack Obama is so very wrong for president:

1)   He wants to ban guns and ammunition used for hunting and shooting AND tax ammunition that isn't banned by 500%  Click here

2)   He refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance when he was a candidate.   Click here 

3)   He refused to wear the American Flag lapel pin all other senators and presidents have worn when he was a candidate.

4)   Didn't he take his OATH of office on the Quran.  (this is the book that terrorists cite)

5)   He was raised as a Muslim.   He only converted to be a Christian when he ran for office.

6)   His father is Barack Hussein Obama Sr. a black Muslin from Kenya AND his mother is a white Atheist and she is proud of it.   Then his parents divorced and she married Lolo Soetoro a Radical Muslim and Terrorist from Indonesia.

7)   He is a racist and hates whites.   He belongs to the black version of the KKK which is a so-called church that he has belonged to for 20+ years.   The church compares whites to the devil.

8)   Obama is friends with a terrorist (William Ayers).  (if any of my friends attempted to kill anyone like Obamas friends, I would dis-own my friends forever and if possible be a witness against them in trial, but yet Obama is friends with them).   This terrorist said things like a dead cop is a good cop (he actually said pig referring to the police).  This terrorist even wanted kids to kill their parents.

9)  Obama is against the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution   Click here

10)  What about how Obama wants the UN To Regulate Private US Gun Owners.   A U.N. group that Obama supports is working toward establishment of an international system to register and regulate civilian possession of firearms, according to a former congressman.

Obama, he is so bad for America.