Walt Disney World allows transgender men to shower in woman's locker room if that man "says" he is  woman when in fact that person a man.


I know that there are people including at Disney that have some mental problems, but they haven’t committed a crime or are dangerous and can still do their job.

But shouldn’t those people that believe in something that is not normal for humans, be offered mental treatment? If a Disney World employee (cast member) believed their stuffed toy that they bought from a store is real, then they have a mental problem that we at Disney should not support that belief but instead we should help them get their mental problem fixed with private but caring mental treatment.  
But Disney does support crazy beliefs.   
Why does Disney allow cast members who is physically a man use womans bathrooms, showers, locker rooms when they know that the persons body is MALE?

This is my message to all transgender's at Disney World from all normal people: I know when I met you, that you were born a male and started at Disney as a man, which is your gender.   
You scare women. What if a woman was sexually assaulted in her past and now you come into the locker room or bathroom and they see a MALE in there (even in the shower totally naked) where it is supposed to be safe for them?
But now (and for a while now) you want to be a woman, when you aren’t. Why does Disney support that crazy belief? I don’t care if someone has a mental issue, but I do care if a man uses a woman's bathroom and especially a locker room and shower. (( My mother in-law was sexually assaulted when she was a teen and haunts here still )).   
It is scary that you have such a mental problem that you can scare woman by going into their locker room. If my mother in-law was using that locker room and you came in and undressed in front of her, she would SCREAM and run away because you are a male in the woman’s locker room. I and most of the world and even you know that your mind is confused.   Shouldn’t you get help?   
Your BODY determines what gender you are, not your mind, because the mind can play trick on humans, the mind can be confused, the mind can have problems that need to get addresses and you scare me and shouldn’t you get mental help because we know you were born a male, and your body determines your gender, not the mind (( because the mind can be confused )).   
I know if I only get 2-3 hours sleep I get confused and better not drive a car and especially a bus. You are confused about your gender, so shouldn't you try to get counseling from someone (clergy, doctor, nurse, shrink etc)?
Concerned, I and MANY, MANY, MANY others in transportation feel the same way even after all these years that you started to dress as a woman.
Remember no one in the world has actually changed their gender. IT is in their DNA, not just some pills and shots can change the DNA that you are BORN with. Born a male, always a male. Period!!!!

List of Walt Disney World managers email addresses that you can contact about this immoral policy. Make sure you keep any and all contact professional, polite but firm that they can't safely allow men to use woman's showers, bathrooms, locker rooms.
Some of the managers at Walt Disney World that are or were in transportation. Be courteous, be lawful, be professional but be firm in all dealings with these people in person, email, calls etc...
Chandler, Eric A. <Eric.A.Chandler@disney.com>; Cooper, James <James.Cooper@disney.com>; Gerstenberger, Jennifer M. <Jennifer.M.Gerstenberger@disney.com>; Kotulak, Rick <Rick.Kotulak@disney.com>; Mcdonald, Frank <Frank.Mcdonald@disney.com>; Merideth, Johanna M <Johanna.M.Merideth@disney.com>; Muller, Steve <Steve.Muller@disney.com>; Pawlowski, Matthew <Matthew.Pawlowski@disney.com>; Rice, Diana A <Diana.A.Rice@disney.com>; Riggs, Asa <Asa.Riggs@disney.com>; Sagan, John R. <John.R.Sagan@disney.com>; Yunker, H E <HX.E.Yunker@disney.com>; Bailar, Toby E. <Toby.E.Bailar@disney.com>; Coleman, Sharon A <Sharon.A.Coleman@disney.com>; Dell, Scott J. <Scott.J.Dell@disney.com>; Dilts, Patrick <Patrick.Dilts@disney.com>; Foster, Chris <Chris.Foster@disney.com>; Lee, Calvin L. <Calvin.L.Lee@disney.com>; Macaulay, Sean M. <Sean.M.Macaulay@disney.com>; Monroe, Vicki V. <Elisha.Monroe@disney.com>; Perry, Susan C <Susan.C.Perry@disney.com>; Richardson, Thomas T. <Thomas.T.Richardson@disney.com>; Smith, Joseph D. <Joseph.D.Smith@disney.com>; Solorzano, Michael A. <Michael.A.Solorzano@disney.com>; Whitney, Matthew D. <Matthew.D.Whitney@disney.com>;Aprile, Salvatore J. <Salvatore.J.Aprile@disney.com>; Birch, Jerry T <Jerry.Birch@disney.com>; Crudup, KRIS <KRIS.Crudup@disney.com>; Emery, Matthew J <Matthew.J.Emery@disney.com>; Heilig, Jacob M. <Jacob.M.Heilig@disney.com>; McNally, Randall S <Randall.S.McNally@disney.com>; Nosari, David <David.Nosari@disney.com>; Perry, Susan C <Susan.C.Perry@disney.com>; Welton, Bob <Robert.D.Welton@disney.com>; Wesolowski, Bruce J. <Bruce.J.Wesolowski@disney.com>; Bacuyag, Danielle R. <Danielle.R.Bacuyag@disney.com>; Bonhagen, Kris <Kris.Bonhagen@disney.com>; Boyd, Heather <Heather.Boyd@disney.com>; Carter, Jonathan A. <Jonathan.A.Carter@disney.com>; Dolan, Michael J <Michael.J.Dolan@disney.com>; Freeman, Walter L <Walter.L.Freeman@disney.com>; Kerr, Linda S. <Linda.S.Kerr@disney.com>; Knorr, Michael J. <Michael.J.Knorr@disney.com>; Mendyk, Richard R. <Richard.R.Mendyk@disney.com>; Merideth, Johanna M <Johanna.M.Merideth@disney.com>; Muken, Brad H. <Brad.H.Muken@disney.com>; PilkinLittle, Shawn D. <Shawn.D.PilkinLittle@disney.com>; Ruiz, Luis F <Luis.F.Ruiz@disney.com>; Sheppard, Richard A. II <Richard.A.Sheppard@disney.com>; Toombs, Ron S. <Ron.S.Toombs@disney.com>; Ward, Cory L <Cory.L.Ward@disney.com>






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