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1)   www.allhomebased.com   EVERYTHING you want, funny videos, home based businesses, software etc...
2)   www.321cam.com    Live Family Friendly webcams
3)   www.judgmentcenter.com  Judgment Business - judgement collection training
4)   www.judgementcenter.com  Judgement Business - judgment recovery course
5)   www.judgementcollectiontraining.com  How to processes judgments for profit
6)   www.judgmentcollectiontraining.com  How to collect judgments for profit

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Funny - Stupid things people do - Videos
Funny - Red Neck Wedding photos
Funny - Abbot and Costello
Funny - Our New Office
Funny - Customer Service
Funny - Is it Real?
Funny - Cartoons

One lucky dog

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Live Video - Family Friendly live video
Live Video - Adult 18+ XXX live video

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Website Software - Refund Policy 

Refunds, Returns, Warranty, Disclaimer, Errors Policy

How to Make Money Collecting Judgments
"Home based business"

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Guns Guns
WDW management breaking the law
Defensive Shooting Guide
WDW committing crimes US Gun History
More Guns = Less Crime I am on the ATF's watch list...
Gun Control kills Gun Carry Permit holders commit less crime than even the police
Democrats Want Kids to Be Killed By Guns Which States Allow Constitutional Carry?

With Guns........We Are 'Citizens'.
Without Guns...We Are 'Subjects'.

VA Hates Conservative Veterans Democrats are idiots - here's why
Pure Blood & Proud  
Transgenders Transgenders
Proof Michelle Obama is really a man (transwoman) Legoland FL going WOKE.
Letter to protect
NON-transgender kids.
WDW has coed locker rooms
Cake maker wins against gay militants Biological males don't belong in girls' sports
Politically Incorrect Politically Incorrect
Pure Blood & Proud The original Boy's in the Hood
If 30 million illegal aliens returned home? OBiden and Obama's EEOC: We'll Sue You If You Don't Hire Criminals
Los Angeles is the worlds Largest Insane Asylum Proof that Obama (and Biden) Hate the Military
These are Democrats American Red Cross are racists
Freddie Gray of Baltimore
Only in America can this happen
Death Penalty Immigrants: Past VS Present
Reasons to not take the Covid-19 immunization Politically Incorrect Links
Are Blacks inferior? Are Blacks inferior?
8 questions about blacks and whites Your link here? 
Are Muslims idiots?  yes Are Muslims idiots?  yes
Are Muslims Idiots? Muslim assimilation
Mohammed cartoons  Can a Muslim be a good American or Canadian?  NO
Disney World (WDW) Disney World (WDW)
Walt Disney World management breaking the law Florida state law called "Bring your gun to work", but WDW says NO. But I still bring it
WDW cast member says Bob Chapek is an ASS Disney's Bob Chapek is a groomer
WDW Transportation Mangement's email addresses Walt Disney World rides, ride times, fast pass times and helpful hints
WDW 4-keys: Recognitions I was bus dispatcher for WDW
WDW hates Veterans  
Obama and
Hilary Clinton
Obama and
Hilary Clinton
Obama can you resign.... Hillary Clinton is a liar and should be in prison!
Moving to Mexico? Open letter to the president
Impeach/Jail Obama for Treason Obama is bypassing congress
Hillary Clinton committed a felony How is Hillary Clinton like Adolf Hitler?
Proof that Obama (and Biden) Hate the Military Obama is an evil, racist Nazi
OBiden and Obama's EEOC: We'll Sue You If You Don't Hire Criminals Proof that Obama hates America
Bad Employers: Bad Employers:
Infinite Campus The Work Connection
Common Sense Mortgage
LendSmart Mortgage
Florida state law called "Bring your gun to work", but WDW says NO. But I still bring it
Walt Disney World management breaking the law

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Funny: Funny:
Red Neck Wedding photos  
How to spot a Meth Lab


Abbot And Costello
in the the 21st century


Biden's inflation...
Stupid things people do  
Customer Service


Is it Real?


You just can't make this stuff up
Prescription to Kill
I was bus dispatcher for WDW


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Life has it's ways of turning around... 2015 Darwin Awards
Fun with your age The Phone Prank
Games: Games:
Pong Tetris
Space Invaders SPEED

All Games

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Dogs: Dogs:
A Dogs Prayer #1 A Dogs Prayer #2
A Dogs Prayer #3

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Misc: Misc:

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As seen on TV
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What will I get?

Politically Incorrect Links

The greatest generations of Americans were born 1925 to 1970

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Mortgage Scripts for Mortgage Loan Officers
Telephone script to sell mortgage loans


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US Zip Codes, City, County & Longitude, Latitude
70,453 total zip codes 

Includes city & county

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Secrets of Mortgages  
Ex-Mortgage Loan Officer tells all. 
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Secrets of Credit Scores
Ex-Credit Score company employee tells all he knows
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Get your own website
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Movie Maker
FrontPage 2003

Family Friendly Live Video
Home Page

Family Friendly Live Video

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Favorite Websites

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Our TV Commercials
1)   Judgment Collection Training course: Commercial #1
2)   Judgment Collection Training course: Commercial #2
2)   LogitechSpecials "coupon codes"

3)   Nightwhisper: Commercial #1
4)   Nightwhisper: Commercial #2

Refunds, Returns, Warranty, Disclaimer, Errors Policy


Hurricane Proof House:

Hurricane Proof House:

Cat5 hurricane proof house southern Florida

CAT 5 hurricane proof house
in southern Florida


YouTube channel:
ICF House Construction


MAGA Supporter:

Pure Blood & Proud
No Covid-19 Vax For Me
FUCK Joe Biden, FBI, ATF
T-shirtsYard signs

Michelle Obama is really a man

Golden Retrievers:

Golden Retrievers

My current rescue golden retriever

Dedicated to Dusty, a golden retriever (our 1st golden retriever)
Dusty And The Rainbow Bridge 
Digital pictures of Dusty
More pictures of Dusty  

Dusty as a puppy
Dusty and the two firemen that saved him from a fire
Dusty and the fire Land of Pure Gold (golden retriever group)

Dedicated to Tessa, a curly haired golden retriever(our 2nd golden retriever)
Tessa when first adopted 02/06/2002
Tessa at the beach (she is the noisy one) at a golden retriever MN picnic

Tessa as a puppy chasing a laser light a (she wants to get it real bad)
Tessa as a puppy chasing a laser light b (she wants to get it real bad)
Tessa as a puppy chasing a laser light c (very young and tiny puppy)

Tessa on national TV - What do dogs do during the day when you are at work?

Dedicated to Lacy, a red haired golden retriever (our 3rd golden retriever)
Lacy when first adopted 01/07/2012  (our first foster failure because she we adopted her)
Lacy barking at other dogs on TV
Lacy very scared of a large birds feather blowing in the wind
Lacy just a couple minutes before passing away 09/10/2016

Dedicated to Cliffy, a yellow lab (our second foster dog) 
Cliffy foster dog


Rental Properties:

Rental Properties

For rent before Upgrading:

Before Upgrading:

Repairs done but before upgrading:

After major upgrading:


Arden Hills flood:

Home Depot contract mess up:

203 after painting/carpet:
203 before moving in: